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** All plans start with a 15 day trial and onboarding team

Base Account



Billed monthly

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  • Up to (3) Campaigns
  • Webflow Builder
  • Campaign Manager
  • Creative Library
  • Media Buying

Premium Account



Billed monthly

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Everything in Base, plus:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Complete Account Setup
  • Onboarding Team
  • Real-Time Video Support
  • Dedicated Support Rep
  • Hands-On Integration Support

Enterprise Account



Billed monthly

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Everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • Fully Managed Account
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Complete Engineering Team
  • Prioritized Support Queues

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Pricing plans for teams of all sizes & scale

Pingtree provides worldclass product and support to execute and optimize campaigns to their fullest potential and enhance profitability

Platform Usage Costs

Pricing plan comparison
Usage Cost
Premium Account
(500K/ Month) / $0.001 after
Database API
(250K Calls) / $0.002 After
Click Listing API
(250K Calls) / $0.05 After
DB Storage
(100gb) / $1.00/gb After
Marketplace Cost (Internal Pingtree Marketplace)
Hosted Offer Fee
Purchased Traffic
Traffic Sold
Product & Features
Campaign Management
Media Channel Integrations
Lead Management
Click Listings / Offer Walls
Monetization Workflows
Compliance Certificates
Litigator Scrub
Session Replay
Landing Page Builder
Form Flow Builder
Creative Library
Creative Kanban
Treehouse Offers
Database Management
Database APIs
Organization Managment
Role Based Access
Reporting & Analytics

Account Setup & Support

Complete Account Setup
Included in Premium
Onboarding Team
Included in Premium
Online chat support
Included in Premium
Real-Time Video Support
Included in Essential
Dedicated Support Rep
Not included in Premium

Frequently asked questions

How long is onboarding

For the typical onboarding this will take 1 day to work through all setup settings and deploy your first campaign. Depending on the availability of your technical staff an entire site can be integrated and deployed within the same day.

How can we train our team on using Pingtree?

Pingtree support engineers can conduct full-length training sessions for operations staff, media buyers, developers and general marketing staff. These training calls are tailored around an objective you are looking to accomplish so that after training there is knowledge passed and an objective completed.

Is the data I load into Pingtree mine?

100%. All data and leads are your property and belong to you, your organization or the individual on the account agreement. We do not access, alter, store, copy or share any information without your express consent and direction (in the event you request a migration, or pushing to data warehouse for example.)

Can you manage my account and campaigns?

Yes but only at the Enterprise Level accounts. We would be able to take on any maintenance or support you need to managing campaigns, onboarding partners and more.

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