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From left: Pete McKay, Pat Brady and Bruce Tursman

3Union brings together the lifelong musical knowledge of experienced jazz and blues players to the rock and blues repertoire. The trio format allows the group the opportunity to explore familiar music in an improvisational journey. 3Union is the Uber Garage band.


Pete McKay - Drums

A native of Canada, Pete studied drums from Tony Caseli and percussion at Triton College. Pete has played with numerous bands in the Chicago area including Studebaker John and the Hawks. In addition to performing, Pete is a well known instructor of drumming.

Mike Warfel - Bass

Mike is a singer, songwriter and bass guitarist known for his alternately deep and hilarious writing.

Pat Brady - Guitar/Vocals

Pat studied Music and Astronomy at University of Illinois in Champaign. He was a student of classical piano from Krystyna Rola-Ryczysky. Pat also studied jazz piano from Steve Million in Chicago. Pat is founder of the Chidago Jazz group Ping Tree. Ping Tree is Pat’s first group as a leader and features his compositions. The group is composed of some of the best jazz musicians in Chicago. While Ping Tree is a vehicle for expressing new music 3Union is a group expressing Rock, R&B and Funk in an improvisational format.